Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Wisconsin and Minnesota

We have been in northern Wisconsin two days now. We are staying at an RV park near Ashland, Wisconsin. This is a photo of the courthouse in Ashland. It is a very quaint little town right on Lake Superior. There are huge baskets of cascading dark pink petunias hanging from every light post and flowers in planters everywhere.

Many of the buildings have murals painted on them. I thought this one was neat because of the lighthouse keepers and lighthouses. We saw several artists painting new murals as we walked around town.

The Ashland Breakwater Lighthouse. Donnie took this picture from a city park on the shore of Lake Superior. The lighthouse was built in 1915 when Ashland was a busy port.

Another building, another mural. You may have to double click to get the full effect of the painting. It appealed to me because of its 1950s theme.

Donnie and Shelby in front of an old boat at the Lake Superior Marine Museum.

Another view of Lake Superior.

This was our first sighting of Lake Superior after we left Duluth, Minnesota. The lake is so large you almost feel like you are looking at the ocean.

Speaking of leaving Minnesota...We spent two nights there. The first night was just as we left South Dakota. It was pretty uneventful. The second night was another story. We wanted to experience "camping" in a Minnesota State Park. We stayed in one called Crow Wing that looked nice and "woodsy". We started to have second thoughts when the road to the camp sites turned into dirt. Then we found a campsite that we thought we'd fit into (most of the spaces were geared toward tenting). As we got out of the truck we were swarmed by gnats and deer flies. After setting up, it began to rain and that took care of the bugs, but not the mosquitoes! We headed out early the next morning. Donnie said Minnesota might be the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes but it was also the Land of Ten Billion Mosquitoes!!

Donnie in a Minnesota cornfield... or maybe it was a South Dakota cornfield. Needless to say most of eastern SD and southern MN are covered in corn. I was told that most of the corn is field corn used to feed stock and to make ethanol.

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