Friday, August 17, 2012

Oregon Coast

We are now in Beach Loop RV Park near Bandon, about 30 miles north of Port Orford. It is nice to have all the hookups for a change. We have seen most of the sights near Port O and points south so decided to move a little farther up the coast. It is quite a bit colder and cloudier here than Cape Blanco and Humbug Mountain State Parks. In fact, it is 60 degrees as I am writing this at 1:00 in the afternoon. We are just a two minute drive to a nice sandy beach, and have taken Shelby with us a couple of times. She still enjoys digging in the sand and snooping along the water. I haven't taken a photo of our site here yet but will post one next time.
Such a pretty town welcome sign...
The Coquille (co-KEEL) River Lighthouse is not too far from our RV park. We can see the light flashing from our bedroom window at night. The lighthouse built in 1895, was originally called Bandon Light. I personally like that name better. It was shut down in 1939 and replace by an automated light on the south jetty of the Coquille River. It was renovated in 1976 and again a few years ago. In 1991 a new solar powered light was installed in the lighthouse tower. I think this is one of the prettiest along the Oregon Coast.
The Bandon boardwalk. If you look closely you will see the lighthouse in the distance on the right side of the photo. Okay, maybe you will need a magnifying glass! Instead, just click once to enlarge the photo.
We have had one of our best fish and chips meals here at the Bandon Fish Market. I took the second photo to show the menu and got the cook in the shot too! Would definitely recommend this place...not a lot of atmosphere, but very clean, really good food and friendly staff.
A recent trip to Gold Beach, 30 miles south of Port O. Gold Beach, originally named Ellenburg, was established in the 1850s. Back then there were quite a few placer mines to extract gold at the mouth of the Rogue River. The Patterson Bridge built in 1932 is one example of the Art Deco style of several bridges along the coast.
Fishing (for salmon) must have been good as this is the most boats we have seen in the Rogue.
Back to Port Orford... A view from the road up to the Port Orford Heads Lifeboat Station Museum.
We love to watch the fishing boats from the docks...
While at the docks we noticed this sea lion sunning herself on the rocks. Donnie caught a glimpse of her baby with her, but I never could get a photo. Think she was hiding it from us "tourists"!
An ocean view from China Mountain Road above Humbug.
I always have to post at least one sunset picture...
The three of us took a hike along the Old Highway 101 trail. We gave Shelby a break from walking every once in a while, as she gets pooped pretty easy now. After all, she is 84 in dog years!
Donnie picking blackberries at Humbug Mt right across from our site.
The bushes had just started to produce while we were there, and bet they are really thick now. I tried my hand at making jam...let's just say I need to practice a little more. Blackberry syrup anyone???
Homemade Wild Blackberry Cobbler...Okay THIS turned out pretty well...Glena Muncrief, if you are reading this, I used your old family recipe. Thanks so much for sharing it with me! It turns out great every time...Yum!! Especially with a couple of dips of Tillamook ice cream...too far west for Blue Bell, but we have acquired a taste for the Oregon brand while here.
Our favorite site (#1) at Humbug Mt State Park. The only negative? Our fellow campers who didn't learn to build proper campfires in Boy Scouts! Ha!