Wednesday, December 23, 2015

More scenery from our part of the world...


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The Guadalupe River near Hunt, which is a small community 20 miles west of Kerrville.
When the kids were here we spotted this interesting looking old ranch truck near Medina.
While out running around in Ingram (between Kerrville and Hunt) last week, we "discovered" Stonehenge II on the grounds of The Hill Country Arts Foundation.

Bandera, TX

We had a great time when Casey, Angie, Rylee and Parker spent a few days with us at Thanksgiving. A trip to Bandera, the "Cowboy Capital of Texas", was one of the week's highlights.
"Da Boys" saddling up during lunch at the Old Spanish Trail Restaurant...Parker on left, Rylee on right.
Trying on hats...
Parker and Rylee with new friends. The man told the boys they needed their picture taken with a "real live indian and his wolf"...he was right!
A few pix of the stock on one of many exotic game ranches in the hill country. We found these along the highway between Kerrville and Bandera. Blackbuck Antelope, Zebra and Wildebeest.

Around the Hill Country

Downtown Kerrville
The Guadalupe River running through town. There is a great city park along the river with nice paved walking/biking trails, a summer splash pad for the kids, a dog park, playgrounds and picnic areas.
One of several crossings on the Medina River
Scenery southwest of us near Vanderpool
The Frio Pecan Farm a few miles east of Leakey. A working farm that also has cabin rentals along the Frio River.
We learned about Chikin Earl's years ago when watching an episode of Texas Country Reporter. The place is located on the Frio Pecan Farm and only opens on Tuesdays. Finally got to try it out last month and we weren't disappointed.
My plate of chicken. Speaks for itself, doesn't it?

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Kerrville TX...New House and "Neighbors"

Hello all!! I know it has been way too long since I updated this but will try to do better in the future...have y'all heard that before?! Seems like for the last year or so we have not had any new adventures to share. But, we do have news...we have a new home! We have been here since March when we ordered a new double wide manufactured house, had it set up and a 2 1/2 car garage built. We're in a 55+ community between Kerrville and Fredericksburg, which was first started in 1969 on the Schwethelm family ranch (founded in 1870). The park is very well maintained with a pool, two clubhouses, RV storage and lots of activities.
Kerrville and Fredericksburg have good shopping, restaurants, entertainment and medical care. Both cities really cater to retirees.
I plan to post more often with news and pix of the Hill Country. So check back when ya can...

Our you can see the "lawn" is just to Donnie's liking! No grass to mow, so it will be low maintenance. A requirement for when our feet get "itchy" to travel again.

Our front porch

Side covered deck. Donnie's last project is staining it then he MAY be able to take a break for a while!

Maddy likes to go out every evening with us on our golf cart to see the deer. Some can be hand feed and they sure love carrots and white bread.

More ranch neighbors...we could have made friends if we'd only had a bucket of range cubes...

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

March - June 2014

We are now in Mayhill, NM at Deer Spring RV Park. In March we spent three weeks in Lubbock at Loop 289 RV Park. We had our Vue worked on and had our annual checkups. Below are a few photos of the last three months...

A quick trip to Lubbock last week for more appointments with our GP. We were so glad we got to say goodbye to our friend Jim Kean, although we missed seeing Peggy as she was out of town. They are moving from Loop 289 Park to North Carolina to be nearer their son and his family. We sure will miss them, the park just won't be the same when they're gone. Jim and Peg, we wish you all the best and don't be surprised if we show up on your door step one day!

A few photos of our first space (#11) at Deer Spring. We arrived on April 18, after spending a couple of weeks with the kids in Artesia. As you can see it was so early there were no leaves on the trees yet. For a month or so we were one of only two campers in the park. The birds (and butterflies) were very glad to see us, finding the feeders in short order!

Donnie and Maddy in our new site (#10) for the summer. We moved here the end of May.

Donnie has been planting grass and watering our lawn for several weeks now. All the water has really brought in the robins. Almost every evening we enjoy watching this mom feeding one of her babies supper. From the size of him it looks like he needs to be feeding her instead!

A view of the mountains to our northeast. The setting sun really lit (lighted?) up the clouds.

Throwing in this photo of our March trip to Lubbock. We were at the mechanic's shop and ran into Jeff from Car Chasers, the program on CNBC. He was so friendly, even posing for a photo with us. When I told him we watched the show every week (even reruns) he said he would definitely tell his wife Meg, because she didn't think any women watched the show!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Julia Madison Jarratt

No matter where we roam...Maddy is always at home...

Amid the Texas Hill Country Bluebonnets

With a snootful of sand at Mustang Island State Park

With her parents at Montgomery Bell State Park, Dickson, TN

Wearing her "hoodie" on Cherohala Skyway Drive, TN/NC

Checking out a possible purchase at a Goliad TX antique shop

Finding the fifth wheel's furnace vent for the very first time

Deciding she has found the perfect spot to spend a cold winter's day

Her favorite perch for checking out the birds and deer outside her window

Winter 2013 - 2014

After spending a couple of weeks at Thanksgiving with the kids in Artesia, we headed down to the Texas Coast. We stayed December through mid February at Ransom Road RV Park (again) in Aransas Pass. We had more drizzle and cool temperatures this winter than in years past. But we were still able to get out and do some of our favorite things...watching ships, looking for birds and...eating lots of seafood!

A sign outside one of the RV park buildings...I couldn't resist snapping this one!

The "Big Tree" at Goose Island State Park, just north over Copano Bay, from Aransas Pass. The tree is a live oak believed to be almost 2,000 years old. It is said to have survived an estimated 40 to 50 major hurricanes as well as numerous floods, droughts and wildfires.

Lydia Ann Lighthouse which operated from the 1850s until it was decommissioned in 1952. It stands on an island east of Aransas Pass and is now privately owned.

Sunset at Ingleside on the Bay, to the south of us

One of many ferry rides between Aransas Pass and Port Aransas, which Maddy learned to love.

Watching a tanker enter the Corpus Christi ship channel. Looks like a tight squeeze under the Harbor Bridge, huh!

An offshore oil platform being constructed at Kiewit Offshore Services in Ingleside

While on the coast we were lucky enough to see an offshore oil rig base being towed out to the Gulf. The first photo was taken at the ferry dock, where I visited with a gentleman who worked on the (single) base as a welder for almost two years. He said he was very proud of the work he and his coworkers had done, but was ready for a day off! The second and third pics show it moving through the Port A ship channel. The last is of the tug boats needed to move the rig. We were told it was going to Louisiana where the platform was being fabricated to place on top.