Sunday, August 9, 2009

Marquette, Michigan

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We are staying at an RV park in Ishpeming, MI in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. We got here on Friday and have spent a few hours here and there touring the town. This afternoon we tried our first pasty (pronounced pass'-tee). We drove a few miles over to Negaunee and stopped at Grandma T's Pasty Shop. Bought the beef pasty that also has potatoes and carrots in it. It was surprisingly good, as we had been warned that a pasty is very bland. They are a local food here in the Michigan U.P. and originated as a portable meal for the miners.

Here are a few photos of Marquette, just a few miles to the east. Marquette is a beautiful old town on Lake Superior. Donnie and I drove over yesterday and walked around town. We stopped at a Farmers Market and checked out all the fresh produce and baked goods. I refrained from buying any bread, but it wasn't easy!

This is the County Courthouse. Marquette county was founded because of its vast deposits of iron ore. There are several mines in the area that feature museums and tours.

We walked down to the dock and enjoyed the fresh air off the lake.

This large structure is an iron ore dock. When it was operational, ore was brought in on the top rails by train, then dumped into the dock. Ships would dock under the long chutes on the sides, the chutes would be lowered to the ships' cargo hatches. Each chute would load about 20 tons. A local man gave us this information on how the ore dock worked. It would have been fascinating to be able to watch these ships being loaded.

When we walked around the dock we just had to take a photo of this yacht. Such a tiny little thing!

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