Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Shipwreck Tour Munising, MI

On Monday Donnie and I took a shipwreck tour in Munising Bay (Michigan) on Lake Superior. We went out for a couple of hours on a really neat glass bottom boat. The tour took us out over three different shipwrecks. This first photo is of the bow of the Burmuda, a 150 ft wooden sailing schooner that sank in 1870. The top deck of the Bermuda is only 12 feet below the surface of the lake. The water is so clear that Donnie was able to take this photo leaning over the side of our tour boat.

As you can see these two pictures were taken looking down through the glass bottom of the boat. The captain of the boat, who was a lady, was amazing. She maneuvered the boat back and forth over each wreck, so you could see the decks, hatches, railings and even where the masts had been attached.

We also cruised along the southern shore of Grand Island. We were told there are all types of wildlife on the island including bear, coyotes, beaver and otters. We didn't see any of those animals but we did see a very large bald eagle perched in a pine tree on the edge of the water.

You all know how I am about lighthouses. Can't pass one by without taking a photo! This is East Channel Lighthouse on Grand Island. It was built in 1869-1870 to guide ships into Munising Harbor.
Donnie and I both really enjoyed the glass bottom boat tour. We had a great time. The lake was smooth as glass and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. A great day to be on the water.

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