Sunday, April 17, 2011

We're Back!!!

We are back in Artesia visiting with Casey, Angie, Rylee and Parker. Here are the boys in their construction gear that PaPa and Grandma brought them from Texas. They were outside hammering nails and measuring stuff with PaPa right after this photo was taken. Parker (age 4) is on the left and Rylee, (age 6) on the right. We have really enjoyed our time with the kids, visiting, going to Rylee's ball games and Grandma got to join Angie and the boys at the movies yesterday afternoon. By the way, if you get the chance, be sure to see "Rio", wonderful animation and music!
We are heading to Lubbock tomorrow for three or four weeks where we will do all those necessary "doctor-y" things: eye exams, checkups, etc.

One of the Texas State Longhorns at Abilene State Park, where we camped for a couple of weeks in March.

A classic Sinclair station in Albany northeast of Abilene. Yep, I find them fascinating and keep taking photos.

They really DO make 'em bigger in Texas! "Barbadilla" at Perini Ranch Steakhouse near Abilene State Park in Buffalo Gap. Perini Ranch has great steaks and an outstanding Sunday lunch buffet. Y'all know I couldn't blog without mentioning food, didn't you?

We also spent a week in Stephenville, where we stayed at the city RV park and visited old friends, Darwin and Winnie Stem. While there we ran over to Dublin to stock up on Dr Pepper. Our last visit there we toured the bottling plant and the museum. If you haven't tasted Dublin DP (original 1891 recipe made with Imperial pure cane sugar) you don't know what you are missing! I'm beginning to sound like the company's PR person. Hehe!