Thursday, April 3, 2008

Luckenbach and Seguin Texas

Hill country wildflowers. There are not as many bluebonnets as we have seen in the past. Think the winter and early spring was too dry to produce much color.

We took a day trip to San Marcos and Seguin on Monday. San Marcos is an interesting city and I found one of my favorite stores, Half Price Books, there. While in the area we drove a few miles to Seguin, then stopped to check out the Sebastopol House. Built of concrete in 1847, the home has no stairs or hallways connecting any of the rooms. It is an impressive house and the landscaping was really pretty.
Hey Betty Newmon...didn’t you and Rick live in Seguin at one time?

We made a side trip to Luckenbach on the way home from Fredericksburg on Tuesday. We saw the whole population (3) and a couple of roosters. Not much happening there during a weekday. We were invited to come back that night to see “Mr. Jukebox” (whoever that is) perform, but we decided to pass until we actually recognized the singer’s name.

Blanco State Park

View of highway 281 bridge from Blanco State Park low water crossing. The river is beautiful and the water is so clear you can see the fish.
The park is right in the middle of town, and its location makes for great day trips to other areas. It is less than an hour drive to Fredericksburg, San Marcos, New Braunfels and San Antonio.
The dam at state park. The park personnel stock this area twice a year with catfish and trout. Donnie still hasn't done any fishing here and we are leaving tomorrow (4/4/08). Guess he'll have to wait until we visit again.
We are here at one of our favorite sites. All of the spaces have lots of room and nice views. Sure have enjoyed the two weeks we have spent here but will soon be time to head to Aubrey TX. We plan to visit my sister Kathy, her husband Joe and daughter Megan. We also plan to join in the 75th birthday celebration of the church in Denton, where Kathy and I attended when we were growing up. Donnie and I were also married there 35 years ago. It's gotta have a historical marker for that!
This is the "swimming hole" at the park. We have seen a few brave kids in it during spring break, but Donnie and I are too wussy to try it! Although one of the park hosts here say the water usually stays at 72 degrees, as it is spring fed. Speaking of park hosts, we have been asked to host here whenever we want. Sounds like it would be interesting and everyone here is very nice and friendly, but we aren't quite ready to do that yet. Maybe in a few years when we get tired of traveling.