Sunday, July 6, 2008

Port Orford, Oregon

A few photos of the port at Port Orford. It is an interesting place to watch the fishing boats coming in to port. Port O. is called a dolly port. There are giant yellow cranes called dollies that are used to lower boats into the water, then raise them up when they come back in to port. We watched them for several hours and it was pretty fascinating. When the boats are lifted out of the ocean, they are placed on big boat trailers, then parked at the port until they go out again.

This is a really good restaurant right at the port, called Griff’s on the Dock. We have eaten here twice and really enjoyed the food. Great fish and clam chowder. The lady who works here told us her husband and son are both fishermen here. She also told us that there had been a whale feeding in the bay next to the port for several days. So...we plan to hang out here with our camera and try to catch a glimpse of him (or her?)...

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