Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Campsite at Cape Blanco

We have put out bird feeders which have attracted little ground squirrels (my Dad used to call them Chip ‘N Dales) in addition to lots of blue jays. They are so much fun to watch and we also have several baby cottontails that join us in the evenings. We have spoiled them to the taste of carrots, but we probably aren’t the first campers to do that...

Shelby doing what she does best. She does get more lively when the squirrels and birds are hopping around the yard.

One of the camp roads. Lots of big trees and greenery. Reminds me of a rain forest, especially when the fog rolls in...speaking of fog...we haven’t been able to take a photo of the lighthouse here yet. It has been too foggy on the point where it is located. We are hoping it will clear up in the next few days and give us a shot.

Our campsite at Cape Blanco State Park. We think it is the best space in the park. It is surrounded by salmon berry (NOT tasty, trust me I know!) bushes and ferns, so it makes the space very secluded and almost wind proof. The wind blows almost constantly here at Cape Blanco, as it is at the point farthest west on the coast.

Our "back yard"

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