Saturday, July 28, 2012

Port Orford, Oregon

Hello all! Since I haven't blogged in a while this one is pretty long as there are quite a few photos I wanted y'all to see... We have spent the last two weeks at Cape Blanco State Park and tomorrow will move back to Humbug Mountain State Park for two more weeks. I will post photos of Humbug when we get settled.
Our site at Cape Blanco turned out really great, hardly any wind and lots of sunshine during the day. The weather has been much better than when we were here two years ago. Seemed like we had a lot more fog and damp weather then.
The wild (and not so wild) life in our "backyard"
A view from one of the lookoffs in the park
The Cape Blanco Lighthouse. We park near here most evenings to watch the whales spout in the distance. Once in a while you can see them flipping their tails.
Port Orford docks with one of the hoists called "dollies" in action
An ocean view from the beach near the docks
We drove down the Coast Highway 101 to the California redwoods on Monday. It has been twenty-three years since we have visited the national park. That was back in 1989 when we were coming home from our trip (with my parents, Cecil and Lucy and our son Casey) to Vancouver Island. The last photo of us together is in front of "The Big Tree" which we also saw back in 1989. I need to do some digging to see if I can locate the photos from that trip to post. I doubt if the tree looks any different but Donnie and I sure do!
On the way back to Port Orford we stopped for a short tour of Crescent City, CA. This lighthouse on an island can only be reached during low tide.
Check out the walking on the usual Donnie is not following the rules but I can say he wasn't the only one!
The marina that was damaged by the tsunami

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