Monday, March 12, 2012

Mason, Texas

We are leaving the Mason City RV park in the morning, after spending two weeks here. Since I have posted lots of photos of Mason during previous visits (see March 2011 and April 2010), I thought y'all might like to see some of the surrounding areas.

Last Sunday we drove over to Llano, which is about 35 miles east of Mason. Stopped for lunch of great brisket and pork loin at Cooper's BBQ, then drove around town.

The old Llano county jail which was built in 1895. The prisoners referred to it as "old red top". Out in front of the jail is a deer dressed in convict stripes, wearing a ball and chain. Thought this was pretty funny, as deer hunting IS big business around Llano.

The Roy B. Inks bridge crossing the Llano River. The bridge built in 1936, replaced the old one which was washed away the previous year by a 42 foot flood crest.

Thirty miles north of Mason is the town of Brady. Above is the Brady Museum which is housed in the restored 1910 county jail.

The vintage World War II Curtis Air Field control tower was moved to the complex adjacent to the museum. The complex also contains the old Curtis Field guard shack as well as the POW guard shack from Camp Brady. During the war, the Army camp held 3,000 German and Italian prisoners of war.

Fredonia, 15 miles northeast of Mason, was founded in 1880. Of the few buildings still standing, the Fredonia store now houses the post office. The community which peaked during the 1920s with a population of 200, is now home to less that 50 people.

Only the walls of the old Fredonia School are still standing.

Todd Mountain a few miles south of Mason. You may have a hard time reading the historical sign, as some "doofus" used it for target practice. The story describes an indian attack on the Todd family in Dec 1864. A servant girl was killed, 13 year old Alice Todd was taken captive, and Mrs. Todd was wounded, passing away three weeks later. Mrs. Todd and the servant were buried in unmarked graves in the Todd Cemetery pictured below.

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