Saturday, December 24, 2011

November and December 2011

Our holiday greetings come to you from the sunny (???) south! Okay, maybe not so sunny right now. In fact, we have been in Rio Hondo, TX at our winter home for over two weeks now. We have seen the sun a total of three days so far. As I write this (Christmas Eve) it is rainy and 49 degrees. We are hoping for warmer weather and sunshine next week. The area has been suffering from the drought for quite a while now, so I will stop complaining about the weather...

Below are a few photos from the annual Festival of Christmas Lights in Hidalgo, TX. We were there this past week with our friends from Rio Hondo, Karmen and Bob Shaw. Once again the city outdid themselves with the colorful light displays, which we viewed from one of several city operated trolleys.

Karm and Bob at the Festival.

These photos were taken on one of our sunny days spent on South Padre Island.

We enjoyed spending a couple of weeks in Artesia with Casey, Angie and the boys at Thanksgiving. Below are a couple of photos of Rylee and Parker. Grandma is just a little late posting them.

Our grandsons at Halloween. Parker is the Orkin Man and Rylee is the Cockroach!

This photo was taken during the summer (hence the flip flops). Donnie scanned it in recently on our new printer.

We spent a few weeks in November in West Texas, Abilene then Lubbock. The following pics were taken as we "touristed" around both areas.

Comanche (southeast of Abilene) town square with the only surviving original log courthouse in Texas.

Next to the courthouse is the historic Fleming Oak.

I thought this plaque told an interesting part of Comanche history which included the oak tree.

Dan Blocker who played Hoss Cartwright in the old tv series Bonanza, lived in O'Donnell (south of Lubbock) during most of his childhood.

Blocker's parents owned and operated this O'Donnell grocery store for several years.

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