Monday, October 11, 2010

Idaho, Utah and New Mexico

We are now in Artesia spending the week with Casey, Angie and the boys. It seems like Rylee and Parker have grown a couple of inches since we saw them last. Three months is a long time to go without a Grandma and PaPa fix!

The following will bring ya'll up to date on our trip. We really enjoyed the last three months and are very grateful for the good weather (only a couple days of rain) and safe travels.

Chama, NM was our last stop before arriving at Artesia. The weather was great and the aspens were very impressive this year.

The maple and oak trees in northern Utah were really bright red.

We spent one night here at Bear Lake, ID after leaving Glenns Ferry. The lake is located on the border of Idaho and Utah.

Another view of the lake from a look off on the Utah side.

While at the state park we took a day trip north to Hailey, Sun Valley and Ketchum. The area is really beautiful, especially the Sun Valley ski area.
In Hailey we had great burgers and milk shakes at a neat diner called Shorty's, which was originally owned by Bruce Willis.

East of Glenns Ferry is an area near the Snake River called Thousand Falls. There are several spas and mineral baths there.

After we left Oregon we spent a couple of weeks at our favorite state park near Glenns Ferry, Idaho, Three Island Crossing. The weather was warmer than when we camped here in June, but we still enjoyed it.

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