Saturday, September 4, 2010

Jet Boat Ride on the Rogue River

The following photos are of the jet boat trip we took a couple of weeks ago. We left the Gold Beach dock early one morning for a seven hour ride up the Rogue River. We took the longest tour, 104 miles round trip, but the company offers two other choices 80 mile and 64 mile.

I couldn’t resist posting this one. No, Shelby didn’t go with us. I had taken this photo of the “children” a few days earlier.

The first few hours of the trip were really cold and cloudy, but as we got farther away from the coast the sun came out. Yeah!

Another view of the Rogue. Smooth water, huh? All the better for 360 degree spins, and we did quite a few of those! Turns out our jet boat captain, Hugh, races boats during his time off in the winter.

Here’s a photo of our boat, The Osprey, and Hugh during our lunch break. He was very good at spotting all the birds and wildlife. We saw eagles (bald and golden), osprey, several different herons and cranes, otters, a mink and three black bears.

One of several bald eagles that nest on the Rogue.

The only mink that we saw was playing along the river’s edge.

The rapids were beautiful but talk about a wet and bumpy ride!

Can you tell by the goofy grins on our faces that we were having a blast?? We would definitely recommend this tour and plan to repeat the experience on our next trip to the Oregon coast.

Another of Jerry’s Rogue jet boats.

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