Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Oregon Coast Camping Experience...

The following are a couple of examples of the varied camping rigs we have seen while on the coast.

Handcrafted and decorated, this “Gypsy Wagon” caught Donnie’s eye.

A 1937 Pierce Arrow camping trailer.

A custom made motorcycle camping trailer.

One of our more unusual fellow campers! If it is cold enough to wear a sweater it may be too cold to wear a skirt (or should we call it a kilt??). Either way, camping in Oregon is always interesting!!

There’s no photo to accompany this story, but I have to share it with ya’ll... Donnie was out one morning walking Shelby near the biker/hiker camp sites at Humbug Mt. State Park. He saw a bicycle camper crawling out of his tent with a life size inflatable doll. Seems he was letting the air out of his female companion! Stranger than fiction!!

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