Monday, February 22, 2010

Brownsville TX Zoo

We spent one day last week at the Gladys Porter Zoo in Brownsville. The weather was perfect and we had the place almost all to ourselves. The following photos are for our grandsons, Rylee and Parker. We wanted to show the boys what Grandma and PaPa saw at the zoo.

This was the cutest baby orangutan. He was very entertaining and came right up to the viewing window to check us out. Think he had as much fun watching us as we did watching him.

One of the spectacled bears enjoying the sunshine.

This was one noisy lion that roared the whole time we were watching him. Think he was complaining because his lunch was late?

This guy sure was enjoying sunbathing. He was one of several stretched out with his face turned up soaking up the rays.

Grandma thought these giraffes were so pretty. Can you see the baby in the back of the group?

PaPa wrestling a crocodile in the Australia/New Zeland area of the zoo.

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