Monday, December 1, 2008

South Texas Valley

We spent the day with our friends from NM, Glenn and Mary Spence, on South Padre Island today (12/1). We met them at Daddy's restaurant and had a great seafood lunch. Then we followed them out to their RV space at Isla Blanca County Park on the southern tip of the island. We had a great visit and they gave us a tour of their new fifth wheel, which is a very nice rig! It was so good to see friends from home.

We have settled in at our home for the next few months in Rio Hondo. So far we have had good weather with daytime temperatures in the 70s - 80s. Not bad for December, we could get used to this!!

On Thursday we headed out to Boca Chica which is the southernmost beach in Texas. We had heard of it for several years and finally got the chance to check it out. We drove 24 miles out of Brownsville on a little paved road seeing very few other vehicles. We knew we had arrived when the pavement ended in sand at the Gulf! It was just beautiful but very isolated, the only other people there were a few fishermen and border patrols. Boca Chica's shore is a shell collector's paradise, miles and miles of unspoiled beach covered in seashells.

Donnie and Shelby at Boca Chica. She really wanted to run on the beach but after overdoing it on Mustang Island (we had to take her to the vet for arthritis medicine!!), Donnie kept her on a short leash. We all still enjoyed strolling on the sand.

On our way to Rio Hondo, we spent a week near Corpus Christi at Mustang Island State Park. We always enjoy our time there, walking on the beach and sightseeing. This photo was taken from a fishing pier in Corpus Christi Bay.

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