Monday, June 30, 2008

Pool Boys

PaPa and Grandma just had to get the boys a swimming pool for those hot Artesia days. Rylee and Parker took to "swimming" really fast (check out all the flotation devices! Ha!). Casey thought it wasn't a bad place to cool off either! We had a great time visiting Casey, Angie and the boys. We were lucky to spend a couple of long weekends with the kids while staying at Deer Spring RV park in Mayhill (we were there April, May and part of June). We were there for Mother's Day and Father's Day. Angie and Casey really spoiled us while we were visiting! We loved it! Thanks kids!! Also...Donnie had his checkup in Lubbock on June 19th. The surgeon was very impressed with how well Donnie's shoulder is healing. Only more more appointment scheduled for October, then he'll be free! Yippee!!

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